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Quality politics

We assume the responsibility and commitment with our clients to offer a product suited to its needs and requirements, guaranteeing your satisfaction at all times.

The quality of our company is the most important, it is based on the ISO model and the official Mexican norms and international standards, likewise we have established a series of programs with the purpose of offering and guaranteeing a safe product under the HACCP program. The above mentioned to guarantee our customers the quality and confidence at the highest level in every one of our products, also being products suitable for export.


• Good manufacturing practice (GPM)
• Sanitary Standards.
• Operational procedures.
• Integral pest control.
• Water quality program.
• Traceability.
• Customer complaints and supplier development

Tecno global


Our process is carried with high-end technology, managed and controlled by computer systems, with equipment designed and manufactured with specialize materials, complying with sanitary norms, thus guaranteeing the quality and integrity of our products.


Capacity for any type of formulation.


Capacity for any type of format.


Completely automated processes


Productivity and precision in all products is guaranteed

Tecno global

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