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Tecno global

Social responsibility

Since 2014 in INDUSTRIAS WET LINE SA DE CV now TECNO GLOBAL PH7 SA DE CV we have understood the commitment, the growing part of a socially responsible company in everyday life. With the request of some of our clients, the project to obtain the distinctive ESR badge began, we sensitize our employees, the management and executive committee to achieve, maintain and improve the corporate social responsibility.
We are a company with sense; we satisfy the society and our needs in a responsible way.

We generate products and articles for personal care, with excellent image, quality and price. We also develop new products and improve existing ones based on the needs of our customers without damaging the environment.
We face day by day the challenge of fulfilling the purpose of the business.

Innovating and creating products that contribute to social development and positively build their environment.

Tecno global

Sustainability Policy

In Tecno global we know the importance of caring for the environment and society.That is why we are committed to carry out our processes based on sustainable requirements, helping society and the environment. The optimization of resources, the reduction and proper classification of waste, as well as the recycling of the same will allow us to reduce the environmental impact and improve the quality of life in the community.

In Tecno global
We are committed to the following objectives:
Our success is due to the focus on collaboration as we work to influence social responsibility. Our supplier and customer collaborators support this approach as we continue to evolve by embracing our responsibility to pursue sustainable growth.


Security policy

In Industrias Tecno global PH7 SA de CV we are committed to our people, visitors, suppliers and customers, that is why we encourage the implementation and continuous improvement of our processes. The elimination of risks and the prevention of accidents as a result of the commitment, preserving the health of our employees.